• New Expansion Heroes' Day is coming!May 11, 2017

    Warriors return on Heroes' Day! New expansion is here! Brand new weapon and wing skins, wing skills, new guild dungeons and amazing events await you. It's time to challenge yourself to become more powerful,so you can conquer the world!

    More Details? Visit: News.

CD Key :
Official Page Gift Pack

Coin x 60000 | Enhancing Scroll x 20 | Energy Essence x 2 | Lvl.2 Bloodstone x 1


1 May 2016 - 31 Aug 2016

Tips: How to get the Gift

1. Login the game, click on the [Hub] button in the main screen
2. Click [System] icon in the right corner, then enter the exchange code and click [Ok]
3. The pack will be deliveried to your inventory after you exchanged successfully